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Y Strainer

Y Strainer

Motipur Industries Pvt Ltd is Y strainer manufacturers, a mechanical filter used in pipelines to remove unwanted solid particles and debris from flowing liquids or gases. It is named after its shape, which resembles the letter Y.

Y Type Strainer typically consists of a body, cover, screen or mesh filter, and a blow-off plug or valve. The body is designed with an inlet and outlet connection that allows the fluid to flow through the filter. The screen or mesh filter is placed inside the strainer to trap unwanted particles and debris while allowing the liquid to pass through. The blow-off plug or valve removes the collected trash from the filter.

Y Type Strainers are commonly used in water treatment, chemical processing, oil and gas, and other industrial applications where the presence of solid particles can cause damage to equipment or affect the quality of the final product. They are also used in residential and commercial plumbing systems to protect fixtures and appliances from debris and sediment.

Y Type Strainers are available in various sizes, materials and pressure ratings to suit different applications. They can be made from brass, stainless steel, cast iron, and PVC and can be designed to handle pressures up to several thousand psi.

Y Strainer Specifications

Size Range M.O.C. Housing
Casted NB ½ “to 1 ½” Screwed, BW, SW Casted C.I./C.S./S.S./G.M.
NB ½” to 8″ Flanged Fabricated M.S./S.S/P.P. Fiber/others on request
Fabricated NB ½” to 4″ Screwed Element SS 304/SS, 316/Brass, Paper, Sintered,
NB 1″ to 60″ Flanged Inorganic Glass Fiber, Monel Metal, Hest Alloy,
Ceramic, PP, Nylon, String Wound, Polyester.

Types of Y Strainer

Forged Steel Y Type Strainer

Forged Steel Y Strainer

Fabricated Y Type Strainer

Fabricated Y Strainer

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