Y Type Strainer Manufacturers

Y type strainers are used to remove solids from flowing fluids or gases by means of perforated sheet or wire mesh straining element. Y type are suggested to use where the solid % is less in quantity. The dirt or foreign particle holding capacity is less than compared to Basket Strainer. These strainers are very compact and can be used in horizontal, vertical lines. Y type Strainer are used to protect equipment such as pumps, water counters and automatic check valves from foreign matters b y being mounted on intake side on this equipment


Size RangeM.O.C. Housing
Casted NB ½ “to 1 ½” Screwed, BW, SWCasted C.I./C.S./S.S./G.M.
NB ½” to 8″ FlangedFabricated M.S./S.S/P.P. Fiber/others on request
Fabricated NB ½” to 4″ ScrewedElement SS 304/SS, 316/Brass, Paper, Sintered,
NB 1″ to 60″ FlangedInorganic Glass Fiber, Monel Metal, Hest Alloy,
Ceramic, PP, Nylon, String Wound, Polyester.

Types of Y Type Strainer