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Globe Valve Manufacturer in India

Globe Valve manufacturers in India, we at Motipur Industries offer a comprehensive range of high-quality and reliable Globe Valves. Our Globe Valves are designed to provide exceptional performance, durability, and precise control in various applications.

Globe valves are essential components in fluid control systems. With a spherical body and a movable disc, they regulate the flow by adjusting the position of the disc against the flow path. These valves offer precise throttling control, making them ideal for applications requiring accurate flow modulation, such as steam and gas systems.

Forged Steel Globe Valve
Forged Steel Globe Valves
Pressure Seal Globe Valve
Pressure Seal Globe Valves
Bolted Bonnet Globe Valve
Bolted Bonnet Globe Valves
Bellow Sealed Globe Valve
Bellow Sealed Globe Valves

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