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Butterfly Valves Manufacturers in India

We make Butterfly Valves in India. These valves control how fluids move in pipes by using a round disc on a stick. The disc has two halves that can turn 90 degrees to open or close the valve.

When the valve is fully open, the disc is sideways to the flow, making it easy for fluids to pass through with low pressure. When closed, the disc is in line with the flow, stopping it completely. Butterfly valves are often used to start or stop flow and can adjust it a bit, but they’re not great for precise control.

These valves are used in water treatment, oil and gas, chemicals, and power plants. They’re cheaper and simpler to maintain than other valves, but they might not handle really hot or high-pressure situations well, as the disc could bend or break.

Wafer Butterfly Valve
Wafer Connection Butterfly Valves
Lugged Wafer Butterfly Valve
Wafer Lugged Butterfly Valves
Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
Double Flanged Butterfly Valves
High Performance Butterfly Valve
High Performance Butterfly Valves

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