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Butterfly Valve Wafer Type vs Lug Type

Butterfly Valve Wafer Type vs Lug Type

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Butterfly valves come in various types and designs, including wafer and lug types. Both wafer and lug butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves that are used to regulate or control the flow of fluids in piping systems.

What are lug-type Butterfly valves?

Lug butterfly valves, on the other hand, are designed with threaded inserts or lugs on the valve body that allow them to be bolted directly onto the piping system. The lugs can be used to mount the valve without the need for additional support or flanges. Lug butterfly valves are more robust than wafer butterfly valves and can handle higher pressures and larger diameters.

What are wafer-type Butterfly valves?

Wafer butterfly valves are designed to fit between two flanges, with the valve disc centre in the pipeline. They are typically thinner and lighter than lug type butterfly valve, which makes them a more cost-effective solution. Wafer butterfly valves are easy to install and remove, making them suitable for use in pipelines that require frequent maintenance.

One advantage of wafer butterfly valves is that they are more compact and lighter in weight than lug butterfly valves. This makes them a more economical solution for smaller diameter pipes or where space is limited. Wafer butterfly valves are also easier to install and remove than lug butterfly valves, which can be a significant advantage in systems that require frequent maintenance.

Lug butterfly valves are more durable and robust than wafer butterfly valve, making them suitable for use in applications where higher pressure and larger diameters are required. The lugs on the valve body provide a more secure mounting for the valve, which helps to reduce the risk of damage or failure.

Ultimately, the choice between a wafer and lug butterfly valve will depend on the specific application and the requirements of the piping system. Factors such as the diameter of the piping, the available space, the pressure, and the frequency of maintenance and repair must all be taken into account when selecting a butterfly valve for a particular application.

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